Highbay Company lights up Maku Products B.V. with LAMBDA luminaires

Highbay Company has provided the lighting for the factory building of Maku Products in Beuningen (OV). Maku Products is active in machining, mould building and product development. Maku has all these techniques in-house, which makes them very flexible and provides good solutions for demanding products. From design and engineering to test measurements and manufacturing. And everything in between. Maku therefore supplies quickly and is able to think along innovatively. They can also handle complex moulds. A company where precision is the order of the day and therefore good lighting is essential. 


LAMBDA 444 IoT from Highbay Company

With our LAMBDA fixtures, Maku will always experience sufficient light in the right places. This was a requirement of Maku given the precision involved in each operation. Hence, the LAMBDA 444 (444 LEDs) was a good fit. Because of the 1-point suspension, the fixtures were easy to interchange and installation was accomplished in no time.

Because of the large amount of sunlight that streams in at Maku on a daily basis (especially in spring and summer), it was decided to fit the lighting installation with Nedap’s IoT nodes in combination with a daylight sensor. These IoT nodes make the fixtures intelligent and are controlled via the control box that is also located in the building. By means of the daylight sensor the fixtures react individually to sunlight. High sunlight = dimming, low sunlight = intensifying the light. This is done fully automatically and nobody at Maku has to worry about it.