The sustainable and efficient replacement for linear lighting fixtures.


Highbay Company launches the new SOLIS WHITE, where high-quality components come together in a unique Dutch design. The SOLIS WHITE produces over 31,000 lumens of light output and consumes 180 watts of power. With this, the SOLIS TOP series White achieves an impressive efficiency of 173 lumens per watt. This makes the SOLIS a perfect replacement for your outdated linear lighting. Thanks to its excellent quality and reliability, the SOLIS WHITE offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market.


With the unique driver design, specially developed for the SOLIS WHITE, an efficiency percentage of 97 – 98% is achieved.  Due to the durability and efficiency of the driver, the SOLIS WHITE has a lifespan of over 100,000 burning hours. The driver is completely free from inrush current, making the SOLIS WHITE the perfect replacement for industrial line lighting.

With its lightweight and 2-point pendulum suspension, as well as compact dimensions, the SOLIS WHITE is easy to install for any installer.

Made in Holland

Designed and fully assembled in the Netherlands. Our high-quality components are assembled here by robots on our automated assembly line. Every lamp we produce is individually tested to ensure it meets our quality standards. This allows us to guarantee quality on the SOLIS WHITE with a warranty of up to 10 years.

Technical specifications

• Light beam angle:                120° / 90° / 60°
• Colour light source:             4000K / 5000K / 6000K
• Light source replaceable:     No
• Driver:                                Integrated
• Optical:                              60°
• Optical cover:                      4 mm safety glass
• Warranty:                            7 – 10 years
• UGR rate:                            not applicable
• Control interface:                 IoT ZetaQlab
• IP protection class:              IP-65
• Protection class IEC:            Safety class I
• Glow wire test Temp.:           650°/30s
• CE-Mark:                             CE-Mark
• EU Rohs compliant:              Yes
• Light source:                        Led midpower 2835

• Input voltage:              230 VAC
• Input frequence:          50 – 60 Hz
• Power consumption:    +/- 5% 180 Watt
• Inrush current:            2.9A
• Powerfactor:               0.99

• Ambient temperature range:            -30 to +60°c
• Performance ambient temperature: +60°C
• Maximum dimmlevel:                       5%
• Inrush current:                                2.9A

• Material Housing:         Aluminium extruded
• Optical cover:              4 mm safety glass
• Lens type:                   PMMA
• Heights fixture:            10.8 cm
• Length fixture:          160 cm
• Width fixture:               7.8 cm
• Weight:                        4 KG

• Luminous flux:                     31,300 lumen
• System efficacy:                   173 lm/watt
• Colour Temperature:             4000K / 5000K / 6000K
• Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >82
• Initial chromaticy (SDCM):      3 SDCM

• Failure rate driver:                         <0,1% over 50.000 H
• Lifetime L90B05:                           100.000 H
• Ingress protection code:                 IP-65
• Mech. impact protection code:        Ik-07


By adding the ZetaQLab IoT node, the lighting is made intelligent. This provides additional savings of up to 40-60%.

Made in NL

With development and production in the Netherlands, we ensure that our lighting is very reliable.

Up to 10 year guarantee

The standard version comes with a 7-year warranty. Do you choose to want to save more with the light management system? Then you get 10 years warranty.