Highbay Company launches a new series of TOP High-bay’s, bringing together the highest possible quality components in the LAMBDA. This High-bay is fully produced in the Netherlands and assembled by robots. Due to its quality and reliability, the LAMBDA TOP series has the lowest TCO (cost of ownership) in the market. This High-bay is particularly suitable for lighting your industrial hall.

Due to the unique built-in driver design, the LAMBDA TOP series has no inrush current this makes the LAMBDA a 1 to 1 replacement for HPI 250 / 400W luminaires without any modification to the electrical installation. The low weight and its 1 point suspension and small dimensions make it easy for any installer to install the LAMBDA. Due to the fixed cable connection, it is not necessary to open the LAMBDA for installation and service. By adding the IoT node, your lighting becomes even more intelligent and your ROI (return on investment) even better.


Above is our ‘basic’ range. However, we are very flexible in producing according to your wishes. Many different combinations can be made. Please contact us for more information about our range.