An ATEX High-bay unique in approach and efficiency.

The most advanced ATEX high-bay.

Highbay Company is launching a new series of ATEX High-bays, where the highest quality components are brought together in the Beta series. Thanks to the unique built-in driver design, the Beta series has no inrush current and can be equipped with an IoT node for wireless light management, allowing for an additional 40-60% energy savings.

The ATEX BETA boasts unprecedented efficiency with a system efficiency of 182 lumens per Watt. Thanks to its quality and durability, the Beta series has the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) in the market.

Fully certified

failure rate of less than 0.1% during 50,000 burning hours, the ATEX BETA High-bay has full ATEX certification from DEKRA for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Unique ATEX concept

Due to the unique concept of the ATEX BETA High-bay, it is intrinsically safe against explosive hazardous substances. This offers opportunities for a unique approach. It is the first ATEX High-bay on the market where the LED housing is made of 100% recyclable heat-conductive plastic, resulting in a lightweight lamp. Together with the simple one-point suspension, installation is easy.

Made in Holland

Designed and fully assembled in the Netherlands. Our high-quality components are assembled here by robots on our automated assembly. Every lamp we produce is individually tested to see if it meets our quality requirements. This allows us to guarantee quality on the ATEX BETA series with a 10-year warranty.


By adding the ZetaQlab IoT node, the lighting is made intelligent. This provides additional savings of up to 40-60%.

Made in NL

With development and production in the Netherlands, we ensure that our lighting is very reliable.‚Äč

10 years warranty

Our ATEX BETA series High Bay comes with a standard 10-year factory warranty.